Added Connections Between Me and Krystal Meyers

I can’t remember my username and password to get into this

so I am having to add to it from this page for now

Not to get into details, I was in Franklin TN and looked up to watch the NCAA Finals. When I did I saw a man who had on a jersy and his name on the back was Franklin. He played for San Diego (where I had told Krystal I wanted to move) and his number was 21 (my birthday is 5/21). The game was hosted in Anaheim (where a singer we both like, Gwen Stefani, lives) and the date it was played on was he 24th (we have connections with 24 too).

So, I notice some stats and they say J LAMB 24.

(From Wikipedia: In the 2011 NCAA Tournament, (Jeremy) Lamb increased his scoring output to 16.2 points per game, and tied his career-high with 24 points against San Diego State in the Sweet 16 on March 24, 2011.)

The game is hosted Anaheim where Gwen Stefani lives. She also is known as having L.A.M.B. for a clothing line and Love Angel Music Baby, which is just a cover for LAMB meaning the Lamb of God: i.e. She is telling people who “get it” that she sings for Christ.

So, lets add this all up. I (21) am are going from Frankin to San Diego. This is being helped by Gwen Stefani, as she is hosting this event as a main helper here (The events are helping me, and maybe Krystal get there too, and I believe letting Krystal and I get married at her place with her as the maid of honor). Signed, Jesus the Lamb of God (J Lamb) on the 24th (24).

Then a few days go by and I rent a movie from RedBox. Before it there is a trailer of 20th Century Fox celebrating 75 years of filmmaking and in it, done with cuts from films, it says “A hostoric and monumental event is about to occur.” “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.” “We’re going to California” (Greg Kinnear) . “Yahoo” (Harrison Ford). (A man and a woman kiss in a heart. Me and Krystal and the “We” and who is shown kissing)

Having lost my job and with all this guidance, I hitchhike to San Diego California with my dog. I start to attend The Rock Church and their seats are numberd with scripture. I look for Romans 12:2 (because that is Krystal’s scripture. I don’t find it so I look on the Internet (as a girl at church said to). I do not find a seating chart but I find this.

In it you will see the scripture from my site (Hebrews 12:2) mentioned and also Krystal’s scripture, Romans 12:1-2 (Romans 12:2 with “21” for myself in there). That, “The Brazen Altar”, is the place I believed I was to meet Krystal and where I took the collage photo she gave me and waited on her at the time she told me to by placing an alarm time in my phone.

It never worked out as I had hoped. It will work out though and in the end better for us I am sure (not better for those who did not help us though) but not better for the animals, the ones who died as we were persecuted. I Remember. Don’t Worry. Hopefully more animals will be saved in the end too (but that won’t excuse the evil of those who fought us).


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